We look at the Public Administrations helping them in the implementation phase of their innovation policies

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implementation of projects to support the implementation / evolution processes and reorganization of public policies also through the definition of evaluation and monitoring systems.
knowledge of the main European and national policies; deepening of some themes and strategic assets for the development of the European Digital Agenda and of the Smart City strand; recognition of channels and methods of financing.

  • Innovation plans and support projects for the Digital Transition Manager
  • Targeted actions to implement the Three-Year Plan for Information Technology in the Public Administration (Fatturapa, Pagopa, Spid, Open Data, etc)
  • Scouting good practices and management of re-use projects between public bodies
  • Search for national, regional and European public funding opportunities
  • Project Management
  • Procurement Management Services
  • Digital reorganization and transformation projects with a particular focus on the management of digital documents and conservation according to law
  • Planning and deployment of Smart City solutions

With effect from 1 April 2019, Public Administrations can only acquire IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services qualified by AgID and published in the Cloud Marketplace. Digital innovation is therefore not only an opportunity, but a specific need. Net 4 Partners accompanies Public Administrations and suppliers in this process, offering the following services:

  • Verification of the requirements for SaaS qualification
  • Information and monitoring
  • Evaluation and preparation of questions
  • Support in the correct preparation of the documentation
  • Support for the preparation of the application
  • Support for the preparation of the project proposal
  • Stakeholders Engagement
  • Promotion and Dissemination
  • Fund Raising
  • Administrative support and documentation collection

Funded projects

  • Scouting activities
  • Pre-feasibility
  • Construction and formalization of the partnership
  • Coordination of technical and administrative planning
  • Submission of proposal
  • Management of the preliminary inquest / approval phase
  • Project Management Office


  • contractual / formal setting of expenses based on eligibility
  • time sheet reporting for internal staff employed in the projects
  • reporting of invoices
  • preparation of progress reports for work progress status
  • validation of the intermediate documents provided by territorial partners

Consulting on the conservation of electronic documents in accordance with the following reference legislation

DECREE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS 3 December 2013: Technical rules on the subject of conservation system; D.P.R. 28-12-2000 n. 445.§  Digital Administration Code.AGID guidelines on the conservation of electronic documents

Support to the Digital Transition Manager for the Organization (Agid Circular No. 3 dated 10/1/2018) for the preparation of the Digital Transition Plan or to operationally guarantee the digital transformation of the coordinated administration with the development of digital public services and with the adoption of new transparent and open relationship models with citizens.

Support to the Digital Transition Manager of the Entity in managing the digital transition, for:

the development and monitoring of telecommunication and telephony information systems;
the development of services, both internal and external, provided by the telecommunication and telephony information systems of the administration with respect for the inclusion and accessibility of the disabled;
the monitoring of information security regarding data, systems and infrastructures also in relation to the public connectivity system;
periodic assessment to verify the consistency between the organization of the administration and the use of information and communication technologies, in order to improve user satisfaction and the quality of services as well as to reduce the time and costs of administrative action;
defining and implementing organizational measures following the digital transition;
the development of an effective provision of online services to citizens and businesses through the tools of applicative cooperation between public administrations, including the preparation and implementation of service agreements between administrations for the realization and co-participation of cooperative information systems;
the process of disseminating, within the administration, the systems of identity and digital domicile, electronic mail, computer protocol, digital signature or qualified electronic signature and IT mandate, and the rules on accessibility and usability as well as the integration process and interoperability between administration systems and services;
for the procedures for the purchase and reuse of IT, telecommunications and telecommunications solutions and systems, in order to ensure compatibility with the objectives of implementing the digital agenda and, in particular, with those established in the three-year plan.

Net4Partners proposes itself as partner of the Public Body, having regard to the key choices in the path of Innovation. Professionalism, skills and knowledge of the horizons of Innovation are valuesin which ​​we believe in for supporting Public Administrations.

In our team you will find a multi-year skill in the field of Public Administration and project management. Qualified Project Manager and collaboration with external experts.

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