Taking advantage of benefits of the Industry 4.0 national plan is not merely the application of the facilitation, but a combination and accumulation of the various tax levers in order to be able to face and exploit the facilitating opportunities available today in order to face the technological and organizational leap that the global market requires.

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Tax credit for
Research and development

  • Support for the identification and classification of R&D expenses recorded in the budget of the 2012-2013-2014 three-year period for the purpose of determining the average of the investments made over the three-year period
  • Pre-feasibility of R&D projects and related R&D expenses eligible for the purposes of the facilitation provided for by Law 190/2014
  • Technical report
  • Administrative reporting
  • Certification by the external accounting auditor
Download here the reference regulation of the measure

We offer a complete consultancy and assistance service for the application of the facilitation measures foreseen in the National Industry 4.0 Plan

Hyper and super
Amortization 4.0

  • Evaluation of the eligibility of the financing
  • Preparation of administrative documentation
  • Tax and accounting consultancy
  • Preparation of the technical file
  • Expertise in collaboration with professionals entered in the register and with the main certification bodies
Download here the reference regulation of the measure

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